West African national committee of CIGRE appoints TCN MD as chairman


By Ikenna Omeje

Following the inauguration of the West African arm of the global community for the collaborative development and sharing of power system expertise known as the “Congrés International des Grands Réseaux Electriques (International Council of Large Electric Networks), West Africa National Committee (CIGRE- WANC)” ,the Managing Director of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Sule Abdulaziz, has been appointed as its chairman.

A release by TCN spokesperson, Ndidi Mabah said: “With this, CIGRE-WANC joins sixty (60) other National Committees with highly resourceful and professional bodies that make up the global CIGRE with headquarters in France. The global CIGRE has members from all over the world, comprising thousands of individual professionals from over 90 countries and about 1,250 corporate organizations, including some of the world’s leading experts.

“The West African National Committee, CIGRE-WANC with office within the WAPP Secretariat, Cotonou, shall be in charge of the management, development and implementation of all CIGRE activities within the fifteen countries of West Africa.”

The release noted …”that membership of CIGRE-WANC would be of immense benefit to scientific and academic communities in electro technics and electro mechanics, students and consultants in electrical energy and technicians working in the field of power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as manufacturers of electro technical materials and equipment.”

‘CIGRE’s National Committees offer diverse technical perspectives and expertise from every corner of the globe. The National Committee presently has a coordination desk in TCN Headquarters, Abuja,’ it added.

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