The Chinese are tearing us apart – Janet Adeyemi


Daniel Terungwa 

President of Women in Mining of Nigeria (WIMN) Janet Adeyemi, has called for an end to the transfer of mining licenses to Chinese Businessmen, noting the that the Chinese are tearing the sector apart. 

She calls for a knowledge-based approach to mining and called on women to “stop treating mining as a hobby.” 

Speaking at the 5th Annual Mining Week of Nigeria, Ms Adeyemi, a mining veteran, geologist and industry pioneer, also spoke of networking, mentoring and capacity building as tools that women need to gain inclusiveness, adding that plans are underway to recruit experts to help train and develop the capacity of members. 

She condemned the act of acquiring licenses by women miners and reselling to Chinese Businessmen.

“The Chinese are simply tearing us apart. We must refrain from transferring licenses to them. If the problem is funding, we can cooperate with each other, she said” 

Adeyemi stated that the new headquarters of WIMIN will serve as a resource center to support Women Miners and fill knowledge gaps. 

Women in Mining in Nigeria (WIMIN) is a not-for-profit organization established to advocate for the rights of all groups of women affected by mining. WIMIN is a member of the Nigeria Miners’ Association and supports massive personal and professional development initiatives while providing a national voice in the global mining community. 

The organization is charged with the responsibility of advocating and promoting women’s participation in the mining industry in Nigeria, ensuring a friendly and sustainable environment by promoting good host community participation models that include women, building strong networks among members and women in the mining industry in Nigeria to encourage networking, mentoring, job opportunities, funding and leadership.

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