Samsung to employ ICT tools to improve Shipbuilding in Nigeria


 By Ikenna Omeje

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has said it is aiming to adopt Cloud, Big data and Internet of Things (IoT), among other advance technological tools to improve shipbuilding and operation methods in Nigeria.

The company made this known in a statement on its official website. It said, “The company aims to use Cloud, Big Data, and loT, among other advanced tools, to make shipbuilding and operations on the fabrication and integration yards smoother and smarter. The technologies to be implemented will facilitate more efficient ways of working, lowering the cost of operations, increasing safety, and modernising the shipbuilding industry in Nigeria. Sustainable method of production, based on digital modes of operations, is the need of the hour as every country makes its move towards energy transition.”

It further noted that Innovations currently being worked on have the potential to bring about radical changes in the shipping industry, fostering the use of eco-friendly technology, a switch to digitised management and self-reliance on inspection for offshore engineering and more.

The Managing Director of SHI, Jejin Jeon, said the company has identified Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region as an emerging market with an abundance of opportunities.

“Our investment in West Africa is a long term one, rooted in helping develop local human capacity by leveraging our fabrication and integration yard to the benefit of the entire West African maritime industry. The new and modern ways of working will not only empower Nigerian maritime industry, but is a promising opportunity for the country’s youths who will receive hands on training in these necessary tools of smart working that are soon to become the norm in every industry in the near future,” he said.

Jeon stressed that Samsung believes in having big dreams and visions for the future and following them with passion. Given that the present and near future is digital, it is high time the shipbuilding industry started digitising its ways of working.

“We are looking forward to introducing these innovations to truly transform our ways of working in a complex industry such as shipbuilding. We remain committed to ensuring that our relationship with the Nigerian community remains strong by continuing to train local staff in technical vocational skills,” he said.

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