Nigeria set to lose 150,000 bpd as Nembe Creek Trunk Line is shut down again

Less than 24 hours after switching on the Nembe Creek Trunk Line  (NCTL), after identified leak points were amended, Aiteo Group on Monday announced a fresh closure of the same trunk line as two new compromised spots were discovered  near Awoba Riser Manifold. NCTL is a 97-kilometre, 150,000 barrels of oil per day owned by Aiteo Group, which recently purchased it as part of the related facilities of the prolific oil bloc OML 29  from Shell Petroleum Development Company, (SPDC). It is one of Nigeria’s major oil transportation arteries that evacuate crude from the Niger Delta to the atlantic coast for export.

With the shutdown, Nigeria loses 150,000 barrels of crude oil per day until it is reopened.

Ndiana Matthew, the Spokesman of Aiteo said the shutdown was consistent with the company’s emergency response procedure, which was  swiftly activated and to limit oil spread on bodies of water; while efforts to identify the cause of incident and repair have been initiated. “Consequently, all injectors have been advised in accordance with NCTL shutdown procedure to shut-in production into the NCTL immediately. Appropriate Oil Leakage/Spillage Notification Report will follow shortly to DPR/NOSDRA”, Mathew said.

He reiterated the company’s commitment to work closely with her host communities to achieve an amicable relationship. Moreover, the Nembe community provides most of the supply, logistics and security contracts going into our local operations. Apart from encouraging community participation in this manner, the company has, in addition, continued to provide considerable amenities and services directly to the community in a most beneficial and impactful way. Hence, we remain open and are committed to constructive dialogue for the development of both the nation and the community.


Source: The Sun

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