Midis Energy Services offers thermal spray aluminum coating

Midis Energy Services, an indigenous oil and gas services provider now offers thermal spray aluminum coating services to protect critical assets and equipment in a manner that meets the required International and European Standards in Nigeria.

This was contained in a statement released by management of Midis Energy Services yesterday

Describing the service as a first of its kind within the Nigerian industrial landscape, the company disclosed that it has eminently qualified and trained Nigerians who can deliver service at minimal cost.

Our TSA Equipment
“Midis Energy is the only company on ground with the required TSA equipment anywhere in Nigeria / Sub-Sahara Africa.

Our TSA Experience
With the completion of the demonstration contract at the Nigeria LNG Plant, Bonny; and the attainment of “Proof-of-Concept” June 27th, 2017; Midis Energy became the first company in Nigeria/Sub – Sahara Africa to perform the successful application of online TSA.

“Thermal Spray Aluminum Coating is the technology that improves or restores the surface of solid materials.

“This process involves the application of coatings to a wide scope of materials and components, to prevent resistance to; Wear; Erosion; Cavitation; Corrosion; Abrasion or Heat.

“Thermal spray technology can also be used to provide electrical conductivity or insulation, lubricity, high or low friction, sacrificial wear, chemical resistance, and many other desirable surface properties.

“TSA Technology is widely applied across industries as a preferred method. The scope is quite large to extend the life of new components or through the use of tried and tested techniques, to repair and re-engineer worn or damaged components.

Elements of Thermal Spraying
The various techniques of thermal spraying involve the projection of small softened particles onto a cleaned and prepared surface where they adhere to form a continuous coating. The combination of kinetic and thermal energy caused the particles to flatten or splat” onto the surface, and onto each other, to produce a cohesive coating of successive layers.

The techniques involve:

  • Metallurgically cold process
  • Virtually no heat input to the substrate
  • Primarily a mechanical bonding process
  • Can spray many materials: steels, nickel alloys, copper, bronzes, molybdenum, ceramics, tungsten carbides, etc
  • Can be applied at various thicknesses, typically 100 – 750 microns but can be more. Line of sight process”

In the oil industry, two types of thermal spray are used. These are

  • Arc Spray Coatings for new construction and off-site thermal spray applications for steel facilities of refineries, petrochemical plants, oil rigs, topsides, exhaust stacks, flare booms, jacket legs, pipe caissons, etc
  • Flame Spray Coatings for in-situ facilities and structure repair and maintenance. Thermal spray applications for corrosion Under Insulation [CUI] for pressure vessels, pipe racks, skids, etc

The statement further explained that gate and ball valves, drilling bits, downhole tools, for the oil & gas industry all benefit from thermal spray technologies.

“Similarly, thermal spray coating is particularly used on flare structures; oil & gas process vessels; etc.

“TSA Coating is also applied to other industrial sectors but is not limited to road & rail vehicles, ships, aircraft, pumps, printing presses, power generation, aerospace turbine repairs, quarrying machinery, earthmovers, etc.

Midis Energy Services Limited a wholly owned Oil & Gas Services company based in Lagos with operations offices/yard in Port Harcourt is a member of the International Thermal Spray Association, ITSA, and the European Thermal Spray Association.

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