Maritime mishap: firm asks Bali authorities to search for KM ODISSE with 21 crew

PT Odyssey Maritim Nusantara company, owners of KM ODISSE has requested the Bali maritime authorities to search for a missing ship with 21 crew.

According to FleetMon, “General cargo ship KM ODISSEY was reported missing in the morning Jun 4 in Bali sea, Indonesia.

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“Owner of the ship, PT Odyssey Maritim Nusantara company, said that the ship reported generator and communications problems on May 29, she was last seen on Jun 3 some 40 nm NNE of Karangasem Regency, northeast Bali.

“Company asked Bali maritime authorities to search for the ship, and assist if necessary. Vessel with 21 crew on board is en route from Semarang to Bima, Sumbawa island, central Indonesia.Cargo ship with 21 crew missing in Bali sea, Indonesia.”

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