Labacorp Energy set to Launch PET Bottle Waste Recycling in Nigeria


Cameroon – Labacorp Energy is strengthening its presence in the Nigerian market through an agreement with its Joint Venture Partners which comprises MECEN IPC and Calaya Engineering Services. 

In line with its objectives, Labacorp Energy and its JV partners will set up an entity in Nigeria known as LMC EcoTech, Co., Ltd that specialises in the development of innovative technologies for recycling PET bottle waste to become a value-added product. 

This is the best solution for recycling waste products as the plant is designed to accept various types of polyester wastes to recycle a wide range of products such as Filament, Fibers, Film, Food containers, Lump, Chunk, Defective goods, etc… The PET Bottle Waste Recycling plant will be used to create new value from useless bottle waste.

“The plant will recycle post-industrial and post-consumer PET bottle waste and produce more value-added products such as rPET flake, Polyester staple fibre and non-Woven geotextile which has a wide application range in various industry fields. The target market of the final product will be the domestic market in Nigeria as well as the overseas market, “said Bako Ambianda, CEO of Labacorp Energy Limited

“It will be the 1st full integrated PET bottle waste recycling system in Nigeria from rPET flake to non-woven geotextile production”.

About Labacorp Energy Limited

Labacorp Energy Limited (LEL) is an indigenous energy company with headquarter in Douala, Cameroon and has operations across the energy sector primarily in Cameroon, with extended operations in the international markets. The company is committed to developing its involvement in the oil, gas, and power industries. 

Labacorp Energy Limited activities include: 

• Oil and gas exploration, production, and industry marketing. 

• Provision of technical and logistical support services to the upstream petroleum industry.

• Provision of technical engineering to include FFED type services (Front End Engineering Design).

• Facilitation, development, and operations of power generation projects.

• License round tendering commercial activities.

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