HOSTCOM to continue peaceful engagement with FG on Niger Delta Development


By Mordi Chukwunonso Esther

Host communities of Nigeria producing oil and gas, HOSTCOM, has said it will continue peaceful engagement with the Federal Government on addressing challenges of under development in oil and gas communities of Niger delta region.

Dr Benjamin Style, National president of HOSTCOM, asked security operatives to arrest anyone encouraging youth groups in the Niger delta on the path of violence under the name of Host communities of Nigeria producing oil and gas but with a different acronym. He stressed that, under his leadership, HOSTCOM will continue to explore peace and dialogue to attract development to the region.

‘’The current leadership of HOSTCOM headed by High chief Dr Benjamin Style Tamaranebi JP National chairman will engage Federal Government constructively without desecrating an already polluted environment’’, he said.

He added, ‘’Yes, the seeming failed promises of President Muhammadu Buhari is known but we will not afford to pollute our environment. Leadership is doing everything possible to engage the government to fulfil her responsibilities. We will not create further hardship for our people after passing through COVID-19 and ENDSARS’’.

Dr Style also urged the Federal government to take acute steps to address the issue of underdevelopment in oil and gas communities of the Niger Delta, stressing that the poverty index among residents was on the rise due to pollution and economic degradation of the environment from oil exploration activities.

‘’Government should implement its promises for oil and gas communities in the Niger Delta. The level of poverty among the people is unimaginable. Most of the communities lack potable water, no medical facilities, no good schools yet so much generated from their land to keep the nation’s economy running. The government should fulfil its promises to bring development to the communities’’, he said.

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