COVID-19: NLNG seeks approval to move essential personnel to Bonny plant


The management of the Nigeria LNG Company Limited has requested the Rivers State Government to grant it an approval for the movement of essential personnel to Bonny plant.

The Managing Director, NLNG Limited, Mr. Tony Attah, who made the request during an official visit to the state governor, Mr. Nyesom Wike, said: “We continue to express our gratitude for the unfettered support that your government provides our critical company activities. Very recently, we presented a request for movements of our essential personnel (in full compliance with isolation protocols) to support operations at our Bonny plant complex. We look forward to its due consideration and approval as we have enjoyed in the past.”

Mr. Attah, who listed the many contributions of the company, said: “As a company, we triggered critical preventive measures in our operations very early and promptly initiated engagements with relevant Rivers State and Bonny Local Government authorities. The objective was to proactively identify urgent intervention programmes to ensure the safety of all lives on Bonny Island.

“The outcome of these engagements brought Nigeria LNG to the forefront of implementing interventions in the Kingdom and included food palliatives for the community to alleviate hardship in the midst of restrictions on movement and business activities. Establishment of a well-equipped ten-bed holding Centre for Covid-19 patients at the Bonny Zonal Hospital to accommodate a potential outbreak and need for isolation. This facility is presently being upgraded to a Treatment Centre on the advice of Rivers State Government.

“Sundry donations of medical equipment and PPEs to Bonny Zonal Hospital. Strategic and tactical support to Bonny Local Government Council on enlightenment and risk communication against Covid-19 in the Kingdom. Donation of vehicles and sundry medical equipment was also made to Rivers State as well as a pledge of $1Million to support Rivers State University Teaching Hospital in the fight against Covid-18. We acknowledge that our interventions will not solve all the problems of this public health crisis. However, it signifies Nigeria LNG’s determination to support the State and in particular, the people of Bonny Kingdom.”

It stated: “It is apparent more needs to be done. Bonny Island as one of the most unique energy corridors in the world must be spared the ravages of the crisis. Its people are too precious; its strategic importance to Nigeria, indisputable. As long as the COVID-19 Pandemic remains pervasive in our environment, there will continue to be need for additional medical supplies, equipment, personnel, catering, training, contact tracing and more.

“The financial effort will be significant but with due collaboration between government and private enterprise, much more can be achieved in the containment drive as no private enterprise can go it alone. Similarly, the associated logistic support for the intervention, such as periodic movement of drugs and personnel from the mainland, will be essential but we are assured that all enablers will be provided by government as required.

“Interestingly, well ahead of this pandemic, Nigeria LNG had commenced plans to strengthen health care delivery in Bonny Kingdom and the State. These plans included the Bonny Comprehensive Health Insurance Programme and Bonny Malaria Elimination Programme, which currently in its pre-elimination phase, and which will afford Bonny the status of the first Malaria/mosquito free city in Nigeria, if not in West Africa.”

It added: “We remain resolved in our belief, that Coronavirus will be defeated in Nigeria. The aspiration of all of us here is that Bonny will not only overcome but will truly flourish. It will be healthy, peaceful and continue to enjoy economic prosperity. Its success will be emblematic of the life-long partnerships we all share with this great Kingdom.”

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