Ashrami synergy launches asha engine oil to meet demand for quality lubricants


The Asha Engine Oil, according to Moroti Adedoyin-Adeyinka, Managing Director, Asharami Synergy, has been specifically designed to offer the highest standard of quality, safety, durability, affordability and exceptional performance.

“The engine oil we are presenting today is a product of Asharami Synergy’s passion for providing solutions through innovation. We are introducing the gold standard of quality among lubricants and we are delighted that Nigerians can now turn to the Asha Engine Oil as their preferred engine oil across the nation,” she said.

Adedoyin-Adeyinka said the affordable Asha engine oil range which includes Asha Crest, Asha Xtra, Asha Trans and Asha HD Premium have undergone extensive quality tests and have been certified for distribution across the country.

“In a market contending with quackery, consumers can now move with Asha to safeguard and optimise the performance of their engines.

The Asha Engine Oil range can be applied to all manner of engines in generators, light and heavy-duty machines, cars, trucks, motorcycles, among others.

We are delighted to give Nigerians the ultimate choice of engine oil that is pocket friendly and outstanding by all parameters,” she added.

The Asha Engine Oil Marketing and Sales Manager, Seun Yussuf, disclosed at the launch of the lubricants that Asharami Synergy was working with top distributors and other stakeholders to ensure seamless access to the engine oil across the nation.

“Asha Engine oil is here to give all consumers peace of mind whenever they are looking to buy lubricants for their engines. We urge everyone to move with Asha for ultimate protection of their engines,” he stated.

Asharami Synergy’s operations and processes have earned the company several ISO certifications for quality and safety.

A Sahara Group downstream company, Asharami Synergy has been a foremost Oil and Gas business in the West African region for over twenty years.

As a leading player in the downstream sector, Asharami Synergy provides best-in-class fuel procurement and distribution solutions by utilising innovative technology and improved efficiency across the downstream supply chain.

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