Angola’s Laúca hydroelectric plant to be operational by June 2019

In Angola, the last two turbines of the Laúca hydroelectric plant will be fully operational by June 2019. This announcement was made by Yamba Ambrósio, the chief engineer of the Odebrecht company in charge of the construction of the plant.

According to the manager, the project has already reached a physical execution of 90%.

The goal for the plant, according to the manager, is to complete the production of the entire infrastructure with a total capacity of 1,998 MW divided into 6 turbines of 333 MW each. Construction of the infrastructure began in 2012 and was scheduled to be completed in 2017. The cost is approximately $ 4.3 billion, largely financed by Brazil.

The infrastructure will be the third to be installed on the Kwanza River, which already hosts Cambambe’s 180 MW capacity and 520 MW capacity Capanda. Its implementation is part of the national energy policy to establish 9,000 MW of power plants by 2025.


Source: News Africa

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